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ChessRally 2.6 Released
January 14, 2010:
Ingenuware is pleased to announce the new and improved ChessRally 2.6. This version offers new board sizes and enhanced theme animations, and a host of other great features!
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CoronerBase Announced
May 12, 2005:
Announcing the premium software solution for Coroners and Medical Examiners, Ingenuware is pleased to present CoronerBase...
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Premium Solution for Coroners and Medical Examiners Please Inquire
CoronerBase offers the most robust software experience for Coroners and Medical Examiners in the United States.  CoronerBase includes comprehensive Case Record management features, integrated digital photography and document scanning, highly flexible and powerful search and statistics features that are unprecedented in the industry, accuracy and productivity enhancing features, support for Microsoft Access, SQL Server, ODBC, the best customer service on the market, and so much more.  Please visit our product website for more information.
Windows (2K3, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE, Pocket PC)
ActiveX Component Suite for VB6 $179.00
26 high quality, highly customizable ActiveX Controls, hundreds of functions, and dozens of objects & creatable classes. Covers all aspects of Visual Basic development from the user interface to graphics & multimedia to core application functionality.
ImpulseStudio 3.05 is ideal for all application development in Visual Basic. These are also the ideal components for creating skinnable applications!  For a great example of the power of ImpulseStudio, check out our ChessRally 2 game, below.  As an added bonus, ImpulseGlobals 3.0 is included, and the ImpulseMP3 Control is included 100% FREE with your download, no purchase necessary! Download It Today!
ImpulseStudio Demo Screen Shot
Windows (All)
The Very Best In Online Chess!™ $19.99 (Some Features Free)
Critically acclaimed, this award winning chess software for Windows is now loved by literally hundreds of thousands people all over the world just like you!... and that number keeps growing every day.  With ChessRally 2, you can play chess your way, on your time, with anyone you want, anywhere in the world!  Need to practice before facing your friends and colleagues?  Play against several challenging computer opponents... then take what you've learned, and play your friends, family and colleagues with ChessRally 2 over the Internet, LAN, or Email.  ChessRally is now the most frequently downloaded chess game on the Internet, and is recognized world wide as the The Very Best In Online Chess!™
Whether you're a tried and true chess enthusiast, a newcomer to the game of chess, or a PC gamer looking for a new and fun challenge, then ChessRally 2 is For YOU!  Chess is better than ever with ChessRally 2.  Play Email Correspondence Chess with ChessRally 2 Free Edition, or get additional features with ChessRally 2 Gold Edition, such as Direct Network Games (Multi-Player), Single-Player Games, and join us in our Online Rally Rooms where you can chat, play, or just be a spectator.
ChessRally 2 offers many other features as well, such as a beautifully crafted, fully skinned interface; support for Themes(Sets, Skins, & Sounds); Computer Move Suggestions; the Risk Indicator & Experimenting Mode; full PGN/FEN Support; Save; Load; Print; an Interactive Move History Window; and Much More!
ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is a Must Have!!  Order Today!!
Windows (7, Vista, XP, and 2000)
ActiveX Function & Object Library for VB6 $119.00
An wonderfully Intuitive and Powerful Library containing dozens of global objects & creatable classes, and hundreds of global functions that give you the Power and Control you've always wanted in Visual Basic! Image Processing & Fast Drawing Methods, String Parsing & Searching, System Settings, Registry and INI file Access, and much MUCH MORE!!
ImpulseGlobals is also packaged FREE with ImpulseStudio 3, featured above.
ImpulseGlobals Demo Screen Shot
Windows (All)
A Practical Demo Of ImpulseStudio FREE!
THIS DOWNLOAD IS FOR VB PROGRAMMERS!!  Have a blast with this classic-style "handheld" game for the PC.  Fly a bomber and destroy all the ships and submarines you encounter!  This game was written in Visual Basic, and while not a serious game, or even an example of great game programming per se, it quite effectively demonstrates the Power and Flexibility of ImpulseStudio components by illustrating how to make custom button and form shapes, use alpha blended graphics, smooth, flicker free animation, the whole nine thousand leagues!
Naval Hero comes complete with full source code!  (Requires that ImpulseStudio 3 be installed as well.)
Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2K
Internet Connection Sharing Manager $20.00
Easily Manage Internet Connection Sharing on your network with ICS Companion 1.0. Prevents accidental disconnects, shows modem status lights on all client PC system trays, simulates internet activity to prevent ISP disconnects, and more!
Windows 98
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