CoronerBase Announced
12:00am ET/GMT-12 May, 2005, Beaver Falls, PA - Ingenuware is pleased to announce their latest product, CoronerBase.  CoronerBase is a revolutionary new software solution for Coroners and Medical Examiners in the United States.  Built to be both extremely comprehensive and highly flexible, CoronerBase provides our nations Coroners and Medical Examiners with the right technology.  Included are extraordinarily robust features like Case Record management, reporting, powerful searching, flexible statistics, integrated digital photography and document scanning, CoronerBase delivers a comprehensive palette of tools of the highest caliber.

"Coroners and Medical Examiners in our country, who play a pivotal role in our regional governments, have been so incredibly vastly under-served.  We've simply stepped up to the plate and offered them something they've never truly had... a genuinely high quality solution with an unprecedented level of customer service.", says Robert Ryniak, President and Lead Software Developer for Ingenuware.  Ingenuware's goals for CoronerBase are to propel it to dominance nation-wide, so that every Coroner and Medical Examiner will have their technology needs fully met by a truly professional organization with a truly professionally designed product whose features are inspired by customer input and requests.

Although a CoronerBase functional trial is not yet ready for general distribution, the core application has been written and is available for sale.  CoronerBase is currently being used by the Coroner's Office in Columbiana County, Ohio, whose Chief Coroner, Dr. William A. Graham, had this to say about Ingenuware's new product: "This product is an enhancement of a previous Coroner’s application which our office acquired in 1998. This much improved and embellished successor to the previous system offers a Coroner or a Coroner‘s Office an easy way to enter and retrieve vital information to perform everyday tasks. The inclusion of easily retrievable scanned images of death certificates, autopsies, investigator’s reports, etc., and the easy retrieval of photographs of the scene, the deceased, and the autopsy, make it invaluable. The ability to do Boolean searches is also a great advancement."

Coroners and Medical Examiners interested in learning more about CoronerBase can do so by visiting the product's dedicated website,

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