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Why be limited to the incomplete audio capabilities of Visual Basic?  Windows was designed to provide a rich multimedia experience, and Ingenuware's Robust Multimedia Tools can help you design Fantastic Multimedia Enabled Applications.

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Component Name & Description

ImpulseMixer Control (Audio)
With the ImpulseMixer control, you can monitor and manipulate every audio mixing device, line, channel, and component on the system down to the smallest detail.
ImpulseStudio 3.0
ImpulseMP3 Component (Audio)
Play MP3 files & manage play lists with the greatest of ease using the ImpulseMP3 controls.  Two controls are provided by this ActiveX component, the ImpulseMP3Player Control, and the ImpulseMP3PlayList control.  With a robust set of features, these controls can service your MP3 playing needs like no other! 
All standard multimedia controls, including seek, gain, EQ, and visualization data.  Supports Layers 1, 2, and 3... with support for MPEG versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.5.  Variable Bit Rate (VBR) also supported.  Use with the ImpulseMixer for complete multimedia control!   ...and what's more... IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE.  That's right!  You can use these MP3 controls without cost... no initial purchase, no royalties... 100% FREE!
ImpulseStudio 3.0
ImpulseMultimedia Global Functions (Audio)
Play Wave Files, System Sounds, MIDI tones, and "simulated PC speaker" Beeps using the ImpulseMultimedia functions.  These functions are globally available for your immediate use in Visual Basic, so you won't have to create your own object from this class.
ImpulseGlobals 3.0
ImpulseTimer Control (General)
Need high performance and precision for animation, synchronization, or fast polling?  The ImpulseTimer control is your solution.  A high resolution timer, it's capable of firing every 1 ms, compared to the Visual Basic intrinsic timer control, which fires (at best) every 55 ms, depending on OS.  If your application is busy, or your computer is slow, the ImpulseTimer control tells your application how many events were missed, so synchronization is always reliable.
ImpulseStudio 3.0
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