Fast & Flexible Graphics Components
There's no reason to be limited to the few drawing, rendering, and animation methods of Visual Basic with Ingenuware Products!  With a lightning fast graphics engine, our tools will make your applications look great and your animations smoother than ever.

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Component Name & Description

ImpulseAniLabel Control (Visual)
Labels that allow you to utilize flashing, pulsing, rotating, stenciled bitmaps & animation, and hyperlink styles, in almost any combination!  MouseEnter and MouseLeave events let you customize "actively".  Look no further, this is truly the ultimate label control.
ImpulseStudio 3.0
ImpulseGhostCanvas Class (Visual)
Draw fast graphics and eliminate screen flicker with this "ghost" canvas.  Each ImpulseGhostCanvas object is equipped with an invisible drawing surface, and a wide variety of graphics methods, most of which you're already familiar with.  Lines, Text, Rectangles, Circles, Pies, Arcs, Rounded Rectangles, Bezier Curves, Flood Filling, Custom Brushes, Picture Clipping, PaintPicture, PaintPictureMasked, PaintPictureAlphaBlended, and much more!  Simply draw on the "ghost" canvas, then transfer the resulting image to where you want it displayed in one simple, flicker-free operation!.  Ideal for user interfaces that need fast graphics such as animation.
ImpulseGlobals 3.0
ImpulseHazard Control (Visual)
The ImpulseHazard control is a simple "Bells and Whistles" control that allows you to notify your users of warnings, hazardous conditions, etc.  Used with the ImpulseAniLabel control (above), you can create some interesting effects!
ImpulseStudio 3.0
ImpulsePicture Class (Visual)
Manipulate images with adjustments, enhancements, effects, screen & window capture, plus much more!  Adjustments include AdjustBrightness, AdjustContrast, and AdjustTint.  Enhancements include ApplyCrop, ApplyDespeckle, ApplyMirror, ApplyPhotoSmooth, ApplyPictureEffect (Blur, Soften, Sharpen, Colorize, and much, much more!), ApplyResample, ApplyResize, and ApplyRotation (Smooth or Animated).  Effects include multiple types of color masking & alpha blending.
ImpulseGlobals 3.0
ImpulseTimer Control (General)
Need high performance and precision for animation, synchronization, or fast polling?  The ImpulseTimer control is your solution.  A high resolution timer, it's capable of firing every 1 ms, compared to the Visual Basic intrinsic timer control, which fires (at best) every 55 ms, depending on OS.  If your application is busy, or your computer is slow, the ImpulseTimer control tells your application how many events were missed, so synchronization is always reliable.
ImpulseStudio 3.0
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