Naval Hero 1.01

Shoot 'Em Up Single Player Game (This Game is A Demo for Visual Basic Programmers)

Bombs Away!  Have a blast with this fun and classic-style "handheld" game for the PC!

Bomb everything in sight!  Ships and submarines don't stand a chance against Naval Hero!  Check out this screen shot of a Naval Hero game in progress (click to enlarge):

Naval Hero Was Written in Visual Basic with ImpulseStudio, and Comes With Source Code!

While this game is not intended to be a serious game, or even an example of great game programming, this game is a great example of the power and flexibility of ImpulseStudio.  Modify the game's source code to add your own new features and tweaks, or change the game into something entirely new!

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Naval Hero System Requirements

This game, although simple, exemplifies many advanced graphics features in ImpulseStudio, such as Alpha Blending, and as a result is somewhat graphically intensive as far as Windows, non-DirectDraw/DirectX games go.  Therefore, the minimum and recommended hardware is much greater than ImpulseStudio.  However, the game will run on slower systems, but certainly not at 30fps.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Pentium II 350Mhz
  • 15-bit Color Graphics
  • 32MB Memory for Windows 95/98/ME
  • 128MB Memory for Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000

Recommended Hardware:

  • Pentium II/III 500Mhz (or higher)
  • 24-bit Color Graphics (or higher)
  • 64MB Memory for Windows 95/98/ME (or higher)
  • 128MB Memory for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 (or higher)
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