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David Baron
Product: ImpulseStudio 3
"Excellent package goes above and beyond the ordinary"
"ImpulseStudio 3.x is simply an excellent package - especially for those who need it. For those projects requiring *special* user-interface widgets, you won't find any better. After evaluating many similar vendors and products I settled on ImpulseStudio. Any one or two of their controls, such as the ISButton or ISListBar are worth the price. The fact that you get dozens of extremely customizable controls, plus an included library of 'utility' objects and functions just pushes it right over the top - a 'best buy' for sure. As an experienced developer with a leaning towards 'cool UI' apps versus boring business apps I can tell that these controls were crafted by developers who really enjoy sweating the details and providing the flexibility that they themselves would want. As far as Support goes, that too has been excellent."
Chris Palladino
Product: ImpulseStudio 3
"Great components for too many things to list"
"I find myself using them [ImpulseStudio Components] almost constantly & the customer support is outstanding... It hasn't been matched by any company I've dealt with before, A definite moneys worth!... ...I've used many programs ranging but honestly [ImpulseStudio] is basically the only Visual Basic component I think is worth the money... ...great fair price for the amount of controls you receive... ...The customer support cannot be matched, it cannot be explained beyond the words of excellent & the help I've received made me actually feel like they were treating me as a companion not just another customer."
Product: ImpulseStudio 3
"A great package at a great price"
"ImpulseStudio is a great package, and has saved me hours of development time... not to mention all the cool visual effects. I've been a VB developer for years now, and I downloaded it because it was rated one of the best multimedia component libraries on the market by IBM, and is a CNET Pick... and I sure wasn't disappointed. I bought the full package… …and would do it again in a heartbeat."
David Loring
Product: ImpulseStudio 3 (ImpulseMP3 Emphasis)
"I am really pleased with the features of ImpulseStudio 3.0"
"I am really pleased with the features of ImpulseStudio 3.0 and have started using them in live programs going out to customers. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to 4.0!"
Dennis D.
Email: den****@h******.com (Private)
Product: ImpulseStudio 3
"These tools are excellent!"
"I am a new registered user of ImpulseStudio 3. These tools are excellent.  The classes in ImpulseGlobals have already saved me time in development in writing solutions in string manipulation alone. And I have only scratched the surface..."
Tony K.
Email: tk***@c******* (Private)
Product: ImpulseStudio 3 (ImpulseMP3 Emphasis)
"Keep up the great work!"
"I've tried many MP3 controls before -- and since -- the ISMP3Player and ISMP3PlayList controls. And none of them (free or commercial controls costing $50-$200+) have even been able to match the flexibility and power of these. With very few lines of code I've been able to create an entire MP3 player, Play list editor with complete access to all MP3 ID Tags and encoding information. I still can't believe it's free!"
John H.
Email: johnh@**********.com (Private)
Product: ImpulseStudio 3
"This package has all the right stuff!"
"This is one great piece of software… ImpulseStudio is fantastic for beginners, offering a wide variety of useful features that would otherwise be extremely difficult to make on your own, and it is also great for advanced, serious programmers, who know that the bottom line is to get the job done right in as little time as possible."
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