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Who We Are
Ingenuware, Ltd. is a software development firm nestled in the heart of the Beaver Valley in Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh.
From its conception in 1992 to present, the Ingenuware team has always insisted on creating the highest quality software available to their customers.  The Ingenuware team has experience creating tools and utilities for other software developers, especially in Visual Basic, and also has experience developing custom solutions for all types of business, from small companies to large industrial plants.
Ingenuware is a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company, and is proud to be a Microsoft Partner.  For more information, Contact Us.
What We're About - Our Mission

At Ingenuware, our mission is two-fold: Productive Work and Productive Play.

  • Productive Work: It is our belief that all software should completely accommodate the user while providing power and productivity.  After all... if users find their software easy and natural to use, they will be more productive.  We also believe software should be designed and built for simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and interoperability.  We accomplish all of this with the firm foundation of proven development tools, ingenuity, solid design and experience.
  • Productive Play: It is our belief that game software should not only be enjoyable and relaxing, but should challenge the mind.  Playing computer games that challenge users to strategize and think in new ways has long been known to promote creative and critical thinking, which is then utilized in the workplace, again making the user more productive.

Above all, quality, service, and ingenuity are paramount at Ingenuware.

What We Offer - Products & Services
At Ingenuware, we use the very latest in Industry standard development tools and technologies to provide a rich set of products and services at a reasonable cost:
  • Commercial Development Tools - Development tools such as ActiveX components that are unmatched in features and flexibility, and are designed for power and productivity.
  • Free and Commercial Games for Windows.- Games for Windows that challenge the mind and sharpen the wits... all while having fun!
  • Custom Software Solutions - Software specifically tailored to fit your company's needs.  After all, computers are a productivity tool, and your business shouldn't have to accommodate the tools that you use... the tools should invariably accommodate your business.  We will make your software solutions work for you, so you don't have to.  Our team uses the latest in software development tools, and can create any type of application, be it a complex database application, client/server solution, utility, or anything you can think of.  Our team programs in a variety of languages including Visual Basic (6.0 & .NET), Access, Visual C++/ANSI C, Perl, x86 Assembly (MASM), and more.  Contact Us for a quote.
  • Website Design and Development. - Let our expert team design and build the perfect website for your company.  Our web developers have an excellent handle on both the technical and marketing aspects of web design and development.  The fact that you've read this far should illustrate to you that we know how to capture your audience and keep them there!  Contact Us for a quote.
Contact Us
For Technical Support, please email
For all other inquiries, the easiest way to contact us is through our Contact Form, although you may contact us through one of the following methods as well:
__ General:
__ Ingenuware, Ltd.
1610 Sixth Avenue
Beaver Falls, PA  15010
United States of America
__ Main Number: (724) 843-3140
__ Fax Number: (724) 843-6291
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