ImpulseStudio 3 ActiveX Component Suite
ImpulseStudio 3 Features
Creating Visual Basic applications is faster and easier than ever with ImpulseStudio 3!  With 6 new controls, 3 new classes, and a host of new properties, methods, and events, ImpulseStudio is more robust and powerful than ever!
Check out this screen shot of some of the ImpulseStudio 3 demo applications.  (Click to enlarge)
Take a look at how ImpulseStudio 3 can help you create Visual Basic applications:
  • Robust, Flexible User Interface Controls
    Buttons, scroll bars, list bars, animated labels, and more!  Choose from a variety of shapes, styles and behaviors, or create your own...  Incredibly customizable, you can do just about anything with these user interface controls!
  • Versatile System & Multimedia Controls
    Play MP3 files, control the Windows Mixer, use Hi-Resolution precision Timing, place icons in the system tray, employ safe subclassing in your Visual Basic applications, and more!  These controls are easy to use, and are extremely powerful.
  • Time-Saving Dialog Controls
    Why be bothered with creating and maintaining forms that you need to use in every Visual Basic application you create?  Save time with these dialog controls by simply dropping them into your Visual Basic applications!
  • Powerful Global Functions
    Courtesy of ImpulseGlobals 3, FREE with ImpulseStudio 3, these functions will help you write Visual Basic code faster and easier than ever.  Simply set a reference to ImpulseGlobals 3 in your Visual Basic project, and this rich set of functions become part of your development environment!
  • Feature-Rich Classes & Global Objects
    Courtesy of ImpulseGlobals 3, FREE with ImpulseStudio 3, you can add an incredible amount of functionality to your Visual Basic applications with these classes & objects.  Simply set a reference to ImpulseGlobals 3 in your Visual Basic project, and these classes & objects become part of your development environment!

ImpulseStudio is also well documented... it includes a complete reference guide and lots of sample code!

And best of all, email support is now absolutely FREE!!

Download and Order Your Copy of ImpulseStudio 3 Now!

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