Versatile System & Multimedia Controls
Play MP3 files, control the Windows Mixer, use Hi-Resolution Precision Timing, place Icons in the System Tray, employ safe Subclassing in your Visual Basic applications, and more!  These controls are easy to use, and are Extremely Powerful.
Demo Screen Shot Control Name & Description
ImpulseMessageHook Control
Subclassing forms and controls, even external windows, is easier than ever with the ImpulseMessageHook control.  With Ingenuware's proprietary "SafteyMode" enabled, you don't have to worry about unexpected faults in your application from subclassing.  Intercept, preview, and even modify messages to any window.
ImpulseMixer Control
With the ImpulseMixer control, you can monitor and manipulate every audio mixing device, line, channel, and component on the system down to the smallest detail.
ImpulseMP3 Controls
Play MP3 files & manage play lists with the greatest of ease using the ImpulseMP3 controls.  Two controls are provided by this ActiveX component, the ISMP3Player Control, and the ISMP3PlayList control.  With a robust set of features, these controls can service your MP3 playing needs like no other!  All standard multimedia controls, including seek, gain, EQ, and visualization data.  Supports Layers 1, 2, and 3... with support for MPEG versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.5.  Variable Bit Rate (VBR) also supported.  Use with the ImpulseMixer for complete multimedia control!   ...and what's more... IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE.  That's right!  You can use these MP3 controls without cost... no initial purchase, no royalties... 100% FREE!
ImpulsePower Control
Monitor battery power levels in laptop computers, and invoke sleep & hibernate modes with easy to use methods and events.
ImpulseTimer Control
Need high performance for animation, synchronization, or fast polling?  The ImpulseTimer control is your solution.  A high resolution timer, it's capable of firing every 1 ms, compared to the Visual Basic intrinsic timer control, which fires (at best) every 55 ms, depending on OS.  If your application is busy, or your computer is slow, the ImpulseTimer control tells your application how many events were missed, so synchronization is always reliable.
ImpulseTrayIcon Control
Placing icons in the system tray is easy with the ImpulseTrayIcon control.  Alternate your icons and tool tips during design time or run time!  Use the Visual Basic PopupMenu method to easily provide system tray context menus.  Use ImpulseTrayIcon's animation sequencing to create animated tray icons.  It's almost too easy!
ImpulseWindowFlash Control
Flash the title bar & task bar button of your Visual Basic forms to get your user's attention.  The flashing interval can be set by your application.
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