ChessRally 2.5 Released
12:00am ET/GMT-5 July 27, 2004, Beaver Falls, PA - Ingenuware is pleased to announce the new and improved ChessRally 2.5. This version offers a new Buddy feature and is complimented with anti-cheating technology to improve the player's experience in online games.  There were a significant amount of other "under-the-hood" changes, focused mainly on improving the quality and security of the player experience.  Complete with a new installation program created with InstallShield® Professional X, the industry-leading installation program tool for developers, the version 2.5 user experience has been dramatically enhanced from the moment of first download to the depths of intense competitive game play.  The improvements were not without cost, however.  The version 2.5 download is now 12.1 Megabytes in size, where the previous version, 2.45, was only 7.7 Megabytes in size.  Complimenting the release of version 2.5 is the completion of the Ingenuware-specific version of the ChessRally 2 Rally Rooms Server software that is used to host the online environment for Internet chess players.  The public-release version of the version 2.5 Rally Rooms Server software is not expected until later this year.  ChessRally 2.5 also sports a brand new trial mechanism, allowing those that have previously evaluated ChessRally 2, to fully evaluate the new version for an additional 21 days.
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