ChessRally Computer Game Released By Ingenuware, Ltd.
12:00am EST/GMT-5 January 22, 2002, Beaver Falls, PA - Today, Ingenuware, Ltd. released the next generation of their chess computer game titled "ChessRally 2" for Windows based PCs.  ChessRally 2 sports an Email Correspondence mode, Direct Network mode (peer to peer), Single Player against a computer opponent, and a new service, the "Online Rally Rooms", where players can meet, chat, play, and watch games at their leisure in a "lobby" setting.  Detailed information about the product, including screen shots and free downloads, can be found at

"This [ChessRally] is going to revolutionize the way people play chess!", exclaimed David Vincze, a member of the ChessRally beta testing team.  "We've received a great deal of praise from all of their active beta testers.", stated Robb Ryniak, Ingenuware's President, "We're very excited to see what this software is going to do... so far we've received only high praise, and that's encouraging."

ChessRally comes in two flavors, Free Edition and Gold Edition.  The Free Edition allows users to play Email Correspondence chess for as long as they choose, and as often as they choose, while the Gold Edition sports all of the new features for a one time fee of $19.99 US.

ChessRally is available through CNET's download website,, as well as several other high profile delivery vehicles.

Ingenuware, Ltd. is a privately held Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company.  Ingenious Software for Ingenious People™.

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