ImpulseStudio 3.0 Released - Free MP3 OCX, Plus More Power For Visual Basic Programmers

12:00am EST October 26, 2000, Beaver Falls, PA - Ingenuware, Ltd., a Pittsburgh area software house, released today a new version of their flagship product, ImpulseStudio, a suite of "ActiveX" tools and components for programming in Visual Basic.  According to company representatives, the new version contains many enhancements and new components allowing customers to quickly create more elegant and streamlined programs, including a brand new MP3 component (FREE with a download), and the ability to create "skinnable" applications.  This latest rendition of the product is version 3.0, and it won't be the last.  Ingenuware anticipates continuing to develop new versions in order to address their customers' needs and newer technologies as they develop.

Large portions of the product were rebuilt to utilize better programming techniques, resulting in more optimized code.  According to the software firm, the older version had a few flaws that the new version addresses.  Many new features were also added, including new graphics and digital audio code that make developing multimedia enabled programs a simpler task.  "It's not just about multimedia programs.  Many business and industrial packages and custom solutions often lack a certain quality of "user friendliness" and awareness.  ImpulseStudio 3.0 addresses this need by providing a quick and easy solution to this, as well as many other development issues.  It's really useful for veteran and novice programmers alike.", says Jonathan Vincze, Ingenuware's VP of Research and Development.

Along with ImpulseStudio 3.0 is released it's sister-product, ImpulseGlobals 3.0.  ImpulseGlobals is distributed free with ImpulseStudio, but may also be purchased separately.  According to company sources, ImpulseStudio was built using ImpulseGlobals as the core of its technology.

ImpulseStudio 3.0 and ImpulseGlobals 3.0 may be downloaded for a free evaluation at Ingenuware's web site,  It is also available exclusively on CNET's,, the leading channel for electronic software distribution on the Internet.

Ingenuware, Ltd. is a privately held Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company.  Ingenious Software for Ingenious People™.

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