Ingenuware, Ltd. Releases New Version of Flagship Product: ImpulseStudio 2.0

6:00pm EDT August 1, 1999, Beaver Falls, PA - Ingenuware, Ltd. released the full version of their flagship product, ImpulseStudio.   The current version (2.0) has been under beta testing and enhancement for the past 9 months.  The final release candidate was released on July 1st, and approved for acceptance as the final release on July 26th this year.

ImpulseStudio is a "suite" of development tools for application developers and programmers that use Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language.  ImpulseStudio is supported under Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0, and Visual Basic for Applications.  The suite is comprised of 19 ActiveX custom controls, and a "Function and Object Library" DLL.

"We're Visual Basic developers ourselves, and have a certain insight about what works, and what is useful for Visual Basic programming.", says Ingenuware's President, Robert Ryniak,  "It is our mission with this product to provide a set of tools that are useful to an unprecedented extent... but useful in simpler ways.  There are plenty of tools out there that resolve a specific need, and they're great.  We use many of them ourselves.   What we've achieved with ImpulseStudio, however, is a more generic set of tools that will help all Visual Basic developers by saving them time on common, more generic, everyday tasks."

The set of controls available enhance the Visual Basic development experience by offering complete customizability, down to every aspect of appearance and most behaviors.  Many of the controls offer multiple sizes for use in situations that call for large screen elements, such as in industrial MMIs (Man-to-Machine Interfaces) where the end-user may not be sitting at a desk close to their PC.  Some of the controls offered are new dialog controls that save time in development by allowing developers to simply set a few properties, rather than designing new forms.  Some of the controls are animated for the new "active" style evident in many of today's PC applications.

The "Function and Object Library" is an ActiveX DLL that extends the Visual Basic language by making many features in the Windows operating system more accessible by simplifying programming procedures and practices.   It also includes many other enhancements to the Visual Basic language, such as advanced string searching and manipulation, file system objects, a code-only timer object, system functions, advanced number system conversion, unsigned integer support, and access to the registry and initialization files with a common, programmer-friendly interface.

The managers of Ingenuware are confident that this product will place the company into a more prominent market position.  Ingenuware has two new products scheduled for release this year, both of which utilize ImpulseStudio as a development tool.  The company proclaimed their rapid development life cycle as a testiment to ImpulseStudio's effectiveness.

Ingenuware, Ltd. is a privately held Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company.  Ingenious Software for Ingenious People™.

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